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17 Oct 2006

A Short Break…

jerseyThere will be a short break here at **Transition Culture**, as I am away until Friday. I am going to the island of Jersey to do a few talks and have meetings with island dignitaries about powerdown and energy descent and how the island might best prepare. The trip has been organised by the Jersey National Trust, the Jersey Organic Trust and Jersey Slow Food, and is intended to increase awareness about the need for more localised approaches to food production. I’ll let you know how it went when I get back. Next post here will be this Friday.

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17 Oct 8:21am

Have a nice time!

Jason Cole
18 Oct 10:36pm

Make sure you visit Reg’s Garden (next to the Lavender Farm).

Mark Forskitt
19 Oct 3:46pm

Thanks for a very stimulating visit. The talk on Wednesday evening seems to have been generally well received. However translating ‘polite interest’ into some action is going to be a big challenge. Could it be the people of Jersey are just a bit too comfortable in their parochial way to appreciate the urgency and impact of peak oil on a community utterly dependent on imports?

kate amy
19 Oct 5:04pm

Thanks Rob, for your inspiring talk last night in Jersey. I hope that it will trigger some positive local action. Short haul flight guilt aside, I hope you felt it was a worthwhile visit and you got a chance to look around- it’s a beautiful place. I help out on the organic farm at Jersey zoo where we are trying to supplement imports of exotic fruits/leafy greens for the animals by growing our own in 5 polytunnels and 2 acres of fields.
Thanks again.