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17 Oct 2006

An Exciting Addition to the TTT Programme – Bob Flowerdew launches the TTT Food Group.

**Transition Town Totnes Hosts Organic Gardening Guru Bob Flowerdew.**

fpBob Flowerdew, BBC Radio 4’s organic gardening expert, will be visiting Totnes on Thursday 26th Oct. to give a public talk about his system of “No Work Gardening”, which is also the title of his latest book. The talk will take place in the Totnes Civic Hall at 7.30 pm (doors open at 6.45 pm) Bob’s talk aims to present the choices open to us all for creating organic gardens with the minimum of effort, and to encourage us to relax and enjoy our gardening through letting Nature, to a large extent, do the work. The evening also sees the official launch of the Transition Town Totnes food group, which will be exploring the practicalities of the town becoming more self reliant in terms of food provision.

Bob is from an old gardening family and is Britain’s best known champion of organic gardening methods. He’s been exploring organic ways for many years in his garden in Norfolk. He is a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4 ‘s ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ and frequently appears on BBC TV’s ‘Gardeners’ World’. When he’s not gardening or in the media spotlight, he helps set questions for BBC’s ‘Mastermind series’, is a literary critic for ‘A Good Read’ radio programme, as well as being a successful inventor, qualified pilot, scuba diver, sculptor and artist. He has a garden full of gorgeously scented plants, and grows and cooks

He is a regular contributor to Gardener’s World magazine and other gardening magazines. He has written many books on organic gardening, on fruit production and companion gardening which include: Bob Flowerdew’s Organic Bible; The No Work Garden; The Companion Garden; Bob Flowerdew’s Complete Fruit Book; The Gourmet Gardener. He writes “To garden naturally you have to be organic. It is the best foundation of an environmentally friendly approach. This means trying to achieve the right balance of ecologically sound, natural and sustainable practice. The essence of this lies in the soil. If you create a healthy soil in which plants can flourish, you can also create a food chain in which predators and prey maintain a natural balance and do most of the pest control for you.

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