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6 Nov 2006

The Winner of Our Limerick Competition!

poetThe panel of judges debated vigorously late into the night in an expensive conference room in a hotel in downtown Totnes. There was heated discussion of the poetic virtues of one over another, but eventually they reached a unanimous decision, and I am pleased to announce that the winner of the Life After Oil limerick competition, in association with Schumacher College, is **Ben Brangwyn**, who wins a place on the Life After Oil course which starts next week. His limerick, which the judges admired for its consistency to the limerick form as well as for its fluency, goes thus,

>Because growth economics backfired,
Relocalisation’s required,
Heal the trees and the soil,
Yearn for life beyond oil,
And get yourself thoroughly Gaia’d.


**There were others which came close and were singled our for particular commendation.**

There was a young man from Leeds
With gargantuan energy needs
He cried “Life beyond oil
Sounds like muck ‘n ‘ard toil –
Aye up, they’re my favourite creeds!”

**James Clark**

A brilliant young salesman for pens,
Who’s clients all came from the Fens,
Went right off the boil,
In his life beyond oil,
So his volvo’s now home to his hens.

**Roger Askham**

Sat on the throne like a royal
Composting humanure into soil
A true visionary said
‘This is how we’ll keep fed
As we live a new life beyond oil’

**Keith Hackwood**

If life beyond oil brings the blues,
hands blistered from cobbling shoes?
Then fire up the still
(if you’ve spuds in the drill)
there’s still a great future in booze.

**Mark O’Sullivan.**

The president fingered his putter,
While his aides ran around all aflutter
The president yawned
And said, “Oh, life beyond
oil? Well, let them eat butter

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