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23 Nov 2006

Transition Culture – the 12th Best Green Blog in the UK!!

blogJust found out that **Transition Culture** came in 12th place in The Daily Maybe‘s 100 Best Green Bloggers Awards! Given that the Top Ten contains such green luminaries as Peter Tatchell, George Monbiot, Paul Kingsnorth and Caroline Lucas, and that we’ve only been online for little over a year, we’re delighted. The full list of the 100 Best Green Blogs can be seen here. I’m not quite sure how the list was put together, but if you voted for us, many thanks. Celebrating being 12th reminds me a bit of the early 90’s group The Housemartins, who always described themselves as “the second best group in Hull” (they never said who the best group was…). So there you have it, **Transition Culture**, the 12th best green blog in the UK. I can retire a happy man now.

Categories: Self Congratulation

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24 Nov 12:03pm

I’m sure I had a badge that said the 4th best band in Hull!

5 Dec 9:43am

You’re right. It was ‘the 4th best band in Hull’. Well spotted!