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22 Nov 2006

A Walk in the Woods # Exercise 5. ‘Art Exhibition’.

f2Here is another exercise from **Earth Education** for getting people observing a woodland in a different way. String a length of washing line between different trees in the wood, wandering off through the trees. Tell the participants that they are all amazing artists, and have been invited to contribute to an exhibition in this, the most prestigious art gallery in the country.

f1Give them a clothes peg and a frame cut out of cardboard roughly 14″ by 9″, like one that would frame a painting. Invite them to compose a beautiful artwork, framing a particular view or perspective with their frame. They can affix it to line, or sometimes people place them on the ground or use them to frame a particular piece of bark or patch of moss. Then announce the opening of the Grand Exhibition and invite everyone to wander around and view all the amazing artworks (they can pretend to be eating canapes and drinking wine!). It is amazing to see the perspectives on nature that people find…