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19 Dec 2006

Portland Peak Oil Blaze a Trail for Urban Powerdown.

Most of my work in relocalisation centres around towns rather than cities, and I am often asked how I think the Energy Descent Planning approach might apply to cities. Here is a very insightful and inspiring look at what they are up to in Portland, Oregon.

It is a great example of the benefits of avoiding a them-and-us approach, as peak oil activist and local authority representative sit side by side on a sofa and talk about preparing for peak oil. Exemplary stuff, and interesting to see how their approach is similar to what we are doing, on a smaller scale, in Transition Town Totnes.

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Janaia Donaldson
25 Dec 10:01pm

I’m pleased to see our “Peak Moment Television” conversation with two players on the Portland Peak Oil Task Force, and want to point Transition Culture viewers to other programs, on My partner and I are producing half-hour shows on positive responses to peak oil and climate change through local community action–just like Totnes is starting. Since last spring we’ve taped about 135 shows from Santa Barbara, California to Vancouver, B.C.–people already making the changes. Permaculture, car-sharing, renewable energy, psychological preparations, municipal responses. Watch or listen at –Janaia Donaldson & Robyn Mallgren