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30 Jan 2007

One Planet Agriculture – the Case for Action. Download the Booklet here.

opFor the Soil Association conference, I co-edited a booklet which set out in a concise way the case for peak oil, its implications for farming, and possible directions beyond the peak. Entitled One Planet Agriculture – the Case for Action , it was given out at the conference, and is a pre-cursor to a longer report called **’One Planet Agriculture: Handbook for Practical Action’** which will be out in a month or so. You can download the booklet as a pdf here, I think it turned out really well, and is a very concise introduction to the subject.

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[…] The Soil Association (UK) has a great booklet called One Planet Agriculture: Handbook for Practical Action (direct PDF download) about the future of food after peak oil (and what peak oil is.) This is the situation that caused scared Will Shetterly. (Hat tip: Transition Culture) […]