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27 Feb 2007

Preparing West Wales for a future without oil – an upcoming talk in Lampeter.

welshFor those of you who follow unfolding events at **Transition Culture**, I thought I might mention an upcoming event in Wales at which I am speaking. As mentioned recently on BBC Radio Wales, there is strong momentum starting to build for a Transition Town Lampeter, much of the energy behind that coming from the farming community. The talk is entitled **”Preparing West Wales for a future without oil”**, and takes place on Tuesday 3 April 2007 from 4.00 till 8.30pm at the Arts Hall, University of Wales, Lampeter, and is intended to stimulate discussion around the Transition Town concept. It should be a great event.

englishThe organisers describe it thus, “as world oil supplies fall every aspect of life in our communities will change. Learn why and discover what you can do to prepare for it”. There will be an open discussion with experts which will be chaired by John Lloyd Jones, Chair of CCW. Places are limited so advance booking is essential. Telephone Antur Teifi 01239 710238 to book. For more information about this meeting please email