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28 Feb 2007

Relocalisation – Acting Locally on Global Issues – Russ Grayson.

lbeHere is a rather good article (not from New Statesman, I just thought the cover illustrated the piece quite well…) which sets out the case for relocalisation as a response to peak oil, and which puts the work underway in Kinsale and Totnes in a global context. Although its focus is largely on Australia, it does present a compelling overview of the case for relocalisation and also a sense of the momentum that this concept is generating. It also namechecks the work of Heinberg and Holmgren, a sure way to grab my attention… . You can find the original article here.

**Relocalisation – acting locally on global issues. By Russ Grayson.**

The last time I encountered localism was in the 1990s, when a number of rural towns launched “buy local

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Nicholas Harvey
28 Feb 8:12pm

Very interesting article, but Mr Grayson needs to be informed that neither Kinsale nor Ireland is in the UK!

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new zealand tourism
16 Jan 11:29pm

Very good article, worrying about the places we live is a perfect start to help on global issues, that’s what I think