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8 Mar 2007

The Totnes Pound Goes Into Circulation!

tp10Last night at a talk by Molly Scott Cato in Totnes (of which more later) the **Totnes Pound** went into circulation. The Totnes Pound is a pilot project that will run until June 1st to see how a complementary currency might work in the town. 18 local business have agreed to accept them, and last night was when they went into circulation, everyone who attended each getting a note. There was a real buzz of excitement around the launch. Rather than write reams of text about how exciting it was to see them go out into the world, I thought I’d go with the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words, and show you some pictures of excited Totnesians and their Pounds…









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8 Mar 9:52am

Hi Rob,
How are the Totnes pounds viewed from a legal perspective? Are they thought of as effectively ‘book tokens’ – worth a pound and expiring in June?
Shame for the poor corner-shop fellow who ends up with 239 of them in his till on the evening of the 31st May. But I am sure you have thought of this…
How about a technical post on this point? I am interested to see how local currencies could run side by side with the pound.
Will there be gradual inflation or deflation (versus the quid)?
Will people embrace them as ‘good for all debts’ between individuals?
Will they all end up on eBAY?
Will you have the ‘end of May’ rush..

Great Job – keep it up!

Re: An Experiment in Worgl…

Hello Jana, yes indeed it is Totnes in Devon UK. I’ll have to go back throug……