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2 Apr 2007

Our Shiny New Donations Button.

donWe just added a ‘Donations’ button, over there on the right. **Transition Culture** has been going for a year and a half now, updated most days, determinedly independent and unwilling to accept advertising from anyone, and leading the way on ideas, tips, musings and rants about how we might enable our collective transition to an oil-free world. The feedback we get from you is very positive, you seem to really appreciate what is offered here. All of this is offered for free, and always will be, even though there are costs incurred, such as getting talks transcribed and so on and so on. It is becoming customary in this Net Age for sites to feature a ‘donations’ button, to enable people to offer support and to express their appreciation, so we thought we’d give it a try. Any donations will help to improve Transition Culture and support the work that I do, and would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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2 Apr 1:04pm

I clicked the “make a donation” button, and only got the image, not the opportunity to donate. Is there a broken link, perhaps?? I read your blog EVERY day. Love it, inspired by it, want to copy all you do here, and am happy to donate.

2 Apr 1:45pm

You’re clicking on the wrong thing! It is the button to the right, the one on the left is just for illustration. Glad you enjoy the site! Thanks.

Stephen Watson
2 Apr 1:52pm

Your site is an inspiration Rob, so happy to contribute.