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6 Apr 2007

Transition Town Lewes Publishes Its Programme of Events.

lTransition Town Lewes is steaming ahead down on the south-east coast, and is nearing the end of its Awareness Raising stage. It has just published its Programme of Events for the next 4 months, modelled closely on Transition Town Totnes but taking the whole model off in its own, exciting, Lewesy kind of ways. You can see the inside and the outside of the flyer below (click on them to enlarge). Their Official Unleashing will be on April 23rd.



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6 Apr 9:55pm

Hi Rob. Thanks for the mention. The date of the Transition Town Lewes Unleashing I hope you have in your diary (because you will be there) is Tuesday 24 April (not 23). Meanwhile around here, Forest Row is planning its first Transition Village meeting and the village of Mayfield (pop 4,000) has also got the bug.

Ref George Monbiot’s take on the date of peaking; our group has decided to drop the debate about this – there are too many variables, many of which are unprecedented. But we agree that oil is peaking in our time, so preparing for this and helping deflect climage change by reducing fossil fuel dependence makes sense.

By the way, I’d love to know why the climate discussions are stuck on CO2 emissions rather than fossil fuel reduction, like tackling the symptoms rather than the cause.

28 Aug 1:31pm

id like to know why tnere isnt more support for the anty incineration champaign from lewes.lewes is within the 10 mile epicenter zone of fallout from the proposed incinerator and will olso suffer greatly howecer the level of awarness around this issue seems to be fairly lacking.surly it is time for newhaven and lewes to work together to remove this threat