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12 Apr 2007

Misunderstanding Peak Oil.

teakoilI was in Teignmouth in Devon the other day enjoying this glorious summer we’re having, and passing by a shop window I saw the bottles you’ll see to your left. I had to take a picture of them, as they reminded me of a story I haven’t told you yet. When I was living in Ireland, I once had a conversation with an elderly man in a pub, which I was under the impression was about peak oil. I talked about my understanding of the concept and he interrupted occasionally with fairly innocuous interjections, and I thought the conversation was getting somewhere interesting. At the end though, he said, by way of a closing flourish, “yes, I used some of that on a table once, came up lovely

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David Johnson
12 Apr 9:48am

Did I tell you the one about the Irishman…