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13 Apr 2007

A Date for the Diary. ‘Positive Energy – going carbon neutral’ – a conference at Findhorn.

fh1You might want to put the following event in your diary now, it promises to be one of the highlights of 2008. The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland has decided to do its Spring conference on community responses to peak oil and climate change, with the title **Positive Energy – going carbon neutral**. Speakers will include Joanna Macey, Richard Heinberg, Megan Quinn, Jonathan Dawson and myself. While the conference is still at the very early planning stages, here is the information such as it as at the moment.

**Going Carbon Neutral**

Findhorn Foundation Easter Conference, March 22 – 28, 2008

An exploration of creative community responses to Peak Oil and Climate Change in the company of some of the world’s leading thinkers, activists and practitioners.

**Joanna Macy** – Deep ecologist, author of World as Lover,World as Self and Coming Back to Life
**Richard Heinberg** – Ecologist and educator, author of Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World
**Richard Olivier** – Director, Olivier Mythodrama Assoc.
**Richard Lochead, MSP** – Scotland’s Shadow Environment Minister
**Dorothy MacLean** – Co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation
**Megan Quinn** – Outreach Director, Community Service, US
**Rob Hopkins** – Founder of Transition Towns initiative, UK
**Jonathan Dawson** – President, Global Ecovillage Network

>“Work on climate change is not served by playing upon our fear or guilt but by an
enthusiastic release of creativity and ingenuity such as happens when
we feel ourselves called forward on a great adventure

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13 Apr 3:38pm

Transition towns prepare for life after oil…

Opinions differ on exactly how quickly we will reach peak oil and how life will change once that happens, but many agree that the world will be a very different place in 30 – 50 years, and if we want to be able to adapt, we need to start planning now.

13 Apr 10:15pm

“Low income £495”!!

Clearly my income isn’t low enough: I should perhaps describe it as sub-low, or sub-sub-low.

It’s a shame: I’d love to go to things like this, but I doubt I will ever be able to afford to. Back to the drawing board – hopefully Transition Town Cardiff will be along soon. 🙂

4 Nov 6:43pm

Unfortunately, instead of a truly affordable option of say, a percentage of income, we have the usual middle class ‘no paupers’ attitude. As a suggestion, if for nothing more than inclusivities sake, how about a weeks income? Thus the scale would be: poor = £50, medium = £500, and rich = £5000. Much closer to reality – oh sorry, forgot, we don’t want to go there do we?


Eric Kavanagh
11 Feb 5:05pm

Hi Guys, If you check out the website theres a section which offers busurys for people whod like to go. All the best I might c u there ;).