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8 May 2007

Transition Towns – Local Responses to Peak Oil and Climate Change. An Interview: Part 2.

rt**Retrofitting Suburbia**

EON: David Holmgren, the co-originator with Bill Mollison of Permaculture, doesn’t agree that peak oil spells the ‘end of suburbia.’ He envisions using all that lawn space to grow food. Do you agree with catastrophic expectations for suburbia?

RH: Well, I think although “The End of Suburbia

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Mike Grenville
10 May 11:58am

Re: Road Pricing
Actually there were 1.8 million (not 8) against the road pricing scheme and I was one of them because of the ‘Big Brother’ nature of what was proposed.

The result of this scheme would be that all cars would be constantly monitored as to where they were at any given time, whether stationary, moving etc. Now I ride a bicycle so unless they plan to put these devices onto bikes as well I am not personally bothered but believe that this is way too much information in the hands of the authorities in what is still supposed to be a free society.

And on the question of the volume of data collected, would such a system be able to handle it. The chances of it being another hugely expensive budget overrun project are also quite high.

10 May 9:02pm

Rob, you never fail to inspire. Thanks for your work.

12 May 8:53pm

Yes, very inspiring Rob, keep it up, you’re showing a lot of people a very positive way forward.


9 Aug 8:03am

Could you send me a copy of the Dublin study that linked economy to oil to stress to obesity to suicide etc.

Thank you.

[…] Hopkins explained it neatly in an interview earlier this year: Well, I think although “The End of Suburbia” is a fantastic film and really totally […]