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13 Jun 2007

Transition Towns on You and Yours.

yy**You and Yours** is a consumer affairs programme on BBC Radio 4, and today it ran a piece about Transition Towns, in particular Transition Town Lewes. You can hear the programme here, but hurry, it will only be there until tomorrow at 3pm. The piece about Lewes was very positive, and featured interviews with, among others, Adrienne Campbell and Keith Ellis singing his oil song accompanied by a ukele! There was then a discussion with James Hartfield of who argued that Transition Towns were about a return to the 18th century, and that the white van has been such a great invention that statues should be erected in its honour. A healthy dose of sanity and reality were brought to the proceedings by Jeremy Leggett, who argued that what was happening with Transition Towns is essential and that we no longer have the luxury of inaction. Give it a listen, but don’t wait too long!!

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14 Jun 4:36pm

Theres a bit about the programme on the powerswitch forum, link below

19 Jun 12:25pm

The listen back is still available, Rob.