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22 Sep 2009

Filming with Michael Portillo in Totnes

portillo2Michael Portillo passed through Totnes yesterday, filming part of his upcoming series of ‘Great British Rail Journeys’, which follows in the footsteps of George Bradshaw, the Victorian travel writer, who visited the town in the late 1800s.  Portillo’s trip, which began in Swindon, took him to Dartmouth, then up the River Dart to Totnes, from whence he will head further west, ending up in St. Ives.  A taste of Totnes was laid on for him, meeting and interviewing me, initially in Totnes High Street (where the level of interest and fascination was such that another location was quickly chosen), and then in St. Mary’s churchyard.  We talked about TTT and the Totnes Pound, and then Michael and the film crew headed off to buy and then spend some Totnes Pounds, and get ferried back to the station by Pete Ryland of the Totnes Rickshaw Company, in one of the town’s biodiesel-powered rickshaws.

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10 Jun 2009

Transition on ‘The Sunday Group’, Radio New Zealand. Sunday 7th June 09

nz2For those of you who have been following the spread of Transition in New Zealand, you might find this interesting.  Last week I took part in a discussion about Transition on Radio New Zealand, along with James Samuel (who has done so much to catalyse Transition there) and Gabrielle Young (of Transition Waiheke).  The discussion looked at Transition in the NZ context and was, I think, rather interesting.  You can listen to the piece by clicking here.

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22 Oct 2007

New Report on Peak Oil Argues That We Have Already Peaked…

oil The Big Melt report that caused me sleepless nights last week showed that climate change is happening far faster than anyone, the IPCC included, had predicted. Over the last week the peak oil argument has similarly sped up, exceeding predictions almost on a daily basis. It crashed through the $80 a barrel ceiling, which set experts talking about $90 a barrel sometime next year, but before the end of the week, there it was. Now the mythical $100 a barrel level could be as little as days away. It is worth remembering that when prices are adjusted for inflation, the highest oil prices we have ever had were during the last oil crisis in the 70s, and were around $102 a barrel, and that caused a major recession. Beyond $102 we are into new terrain; all bets, as they say, are off, with regards to what we might find when we get there.

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15 Oct 2007

Position Vacant: Transition Network Office Administrator.


We are delighted to be able to offer a full-time position as part of the **Transition Network**, to help support the organisation through its viral growth across the UK and beyond. Below is a short description of the post, for more information contact Ben Brangwyn (email address below).

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15 Oct 2007

First Oil Vulnerability Audits in Totnes Report Back.

fiIn talks I give and in other places, such as this website, I often enthuse about **Oil Vulnerability Auditing**, the tool developed by Simon Snowden at Liverpool University, but haven’t yet written much about it. I thought you might find it interesting to read the following short report by **Fiona Ward** of Transition Town Totnes who co-ordinated the OVA work in Totnes. Two pilots have so far been done, and in the report, Fiona reflects on the process and on what emerged from them.

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