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10 Oct 2007

Patrick Holden, Peak Oil, Local Food and Transition.

wiwo An excellent documentary aired on BBC Wales last night, called **Back to the Land**, which was part of a series called ‘Week In, Week Out’. In featured Patrick Holden, the director of the Soil Association, discussing peak oil and the impact that finding out about it had on his life and on how he farms his farm in Wales, as well as looking at the bigger implications of its ramifications for food and farming. It also included interviews with myself and some peak oil deniers, and sets out a strong argument that the transition to life beyond oil could actually bring many benefits to society. You can watch the film here for the next week.

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10 Oct 2007

Kinsale Two Years On… an interview with Klaus Harvey.

ttk**Global Public Media** just posted a great interview with Klaus Harvey of Transition Town Kinsale which looks at what has happened in Kinsale since the Kinsale Energy Descent Plan (KEDAP) was produced two years ago. Global Public Media has followed the Kinsale story since the beginning. The first mention of interesting things afoot in Kinsale came in an interview with Richard Heinberg when he was in Kinsale in June 2005 at the Fuelling the Future conference, the event where the KEDAP was first released. In it he mentions the KEDAP (which he calls “an extraordinary document”) and gives a sense of what a powerful event it was.

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4 Oct 2007

Interviewed on Global Public Media…

A while ago I told you about an interview I had done with Global Public Media which explored in depth the Transition concept. In the meantime, the very noble Kristin Sponsler has actually gone through it and transcribed the whole thing. I thought you might find it of interest… Many thanks to Andy, Julian and the GPM team for making it available.

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3 Oct 2007

Australia’s First Transition Town!

tn**Transition Sunshine Coast** has just been officially awarded its Transition status, bringing the concept to Australia for the first time. It is a real sign of how rapidly the idea is spreading, and the enthusiasm with which people are picking it up (you can read their press release here). Sonya Wallace, one of the people behind the initiative, recently wrote a piece on her website which explains how she first became interested in the concept, which she has kindly allowed me to post below. It offers an interesting insight into how this work is inspiring people in their communities. Heartening stuff.

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28 Sep 2007

Next Wednesday in Totnes: A Talk by David Strahan.

opo**The Last Oil Shock: The Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man. A talk by David Strahan.**

(What follows is the TTT Press Release for next Wednesday’s talk). Whether you are a newcomer to the peak oil issue, or familiar with the debate and looking to deepen your understanding, this talk by writer, producer, and director **David Strahan** is a great opportunity to find out about the challenges facing a world current overly dependent on oil.

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