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28 Sep 2007

Next Wednesday in Totnes: A Talk by David Strahan.

opo**The Last Oil Shock: The Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man. A talk by David Strahan.**

(What follows is the TTT Press Release for next Wednesday’s talk). Whether you are a newcomer to the peak oil issue, or familiar with the debate and looking to deepen your understanding, this talk by writer, producer, and director **David Strahan** is a great opportunity to find out about the challenges facing a world current overly dependent on oil.

*”David Strahan is a superb journalist, who has written the leading UK book on Peak Oil and we are delighted to invite him to talk here in Totnes. This offers the best chance this year to find out about this hugely important issue,”* comments Rob Hopkins, of Transition Town Totnes.

osIn his latest book, ‘The Last Oil Shock’ David’s explains that for every barrel of oil we discover, we now consume three. He points out that oil production is already falling in 60 countries, and argues that at some point, probably in the next decade, global oil production will start to fall – for ever. With oil prices hitting a record breaking $83 dollars a barrel last week, this issue is increasingly on many peoples’ minds.

*“This book should be compulsory reading for all those in Government in this and every other significant oil consuming country. Take note and avert the greatest crisis since the Second World War.”* writes Richard Hardman CBE, former head of Exploration at Amerada Hess. You can read a recent interview with David here

The evening will also introduce The Carbon Account, an easy-to-use carbon footprint measuring tool, where simply by inputting your vehicle mileage and home energy bills, anyone can build up a detailed picture of their carbon emissions, and where they can be most effectively reduced. Transition Town Totnes is encouraging as many people as possible to make use of this groundbreaking new tool.

**David Strahan’s evening talk, The Last Oil Shock : The Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man is on Wednesday 3rd October at St John’s Church, Bridgetown, 8pm. Ticket will be £4 (£3 concession). Totnes pounds are accepted at this event.**

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1 Oct 9:20am

Hi rob, will there be a web-cast or pod-cast available for this talk please?