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10 Oct 2007

Kinsale Two Years On… an interview with Klaus Harvey.

ttk**Global Public Media** just posted a great interview with Klaus Harvey of Transition Town Kinsale which looks at what has happened in Kinsale since the Kinsale Energy Descent Plan (KEDAP) was produced two years ago. Global Public Media has followed the Kinsale story since the beginning. The first mention of interesting things afoot in Kinsale came in an interview with Richard Heinberg when he was in Kinsale in June 2005 at the Fuelling the Future conference, the event where the KEDAP was first released. In it he mentions the KEDAP (which he calls “an extraordinary document”) and gives a sense of what a powerful event it was.

A few months later GPM interviewed Catherine Dunne, who, along with Louise Rooney were driving the process that led to the formation of Transition Town Kinsale along at that time. There is also an interview with me that looks at how the KEDAP came about, and the broader Transition concept. Now Klaus’s piece brings the story up to date. It gives a strong sense of the activities taking place, the inspiration that the original KEDAP is still providing, but is also honest about the difficulties of trying to live up to the reputation that the town developed on the back of the Plan. A fascinating update to the Kinsale story which is well worth a listen.

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