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19 Jun 2007

Transition Initiatives Open Space Film.

Alex Munslow, an independent film-maker has produced a great short film about running Open Space, based around the Open Space workshops we ran at the Inaugural Transition Network meeting at Ruskin Mill in Nailsworth. It features Naresh Giangrande of TTT, a clip of my mobile phone going off rather embarrasingly in the middle of my talk, and captures the whole dynamic buzz that Open Space unleashes. Thanks Alex for making it, and for making the whole thing available on the net.

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Karen Feakin
28 Jun 10:22am

I really, really like your open space initiative. What a wonderful way to not only engage people but to hear views, thoughts and ideas, and release individuals to take responsibility – Like extracting gold from the community. I love it!

Mikael Jedhamre
29 Feb 5:05pm

On Tuesday this week we created an Open Space here at Kinsale Further Education College, where people come from near and far to study Permaculture and Practical Sustainability. In the weeks past we had talked about setting up some kind of joined brainstorm for the first and second year permies here at the college, to discuss and explore what possibilities and future roles in our communities that we will take on when this year’s college comes to an end. When talking about this we thought we could join this all with an exercise in Open Space, so we set up the classrooms, the kitchen and the straw bale house in front of the college to act as break out spaces, decided on two key facilitators for the exercise, Virginia Stearns and Cian Kinsella from perma 2, and away we were! If you’re interested in how it all turned out and for records and photos on the outcomes of the discussions, you can log onto Permies Portal, lots of it is already up and the rest is gonna be up in a matter of days!
Permies Rock 🙂