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22 Jun 2007

Future Shock on RTE.

fsIreland is at the end of a very long pipeline when it comes to the oil on which it has become incredibly dependent. It is now one of the most oil dependent nations in the EU, and its Celtic Tiger boom has hugely increased this dependency in direct relation to how the economy has grown. Peak oil is slowly creeping onto the agenda there, with some good articles in the press recently, and 3 days ago, RTE, the nation’s TV station, ran an hour long documentary called ‘Future Shock’ (which you can watch online here), an excellent and chilling programme which did a great job of putting a mirror up to Ireland to ask where its resilience has gone. Hard to imagine anyone watching this and not feeling decidedly unsettled. Great to see, finally, mainstream national TV giving this issue the profile it urgently needs.

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22 Jun 11:27pm

outstanding documentary, thanks for the link Rob. At last a truely professional and well rounded take on Peak Oil and something i can promote to the lay person with confidence.