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18 Jul 2007

Totnes Pounds on Ebay… not quite getting into the spirit of the thing!

totpndI have often joked that it won’t be long before Totnes Pounds start to appear on Ebay. Last week though, someone drew my attention to the fact that one had just sold on Ebay that day… for £4.27! Now I look and there are 3 more for sale although so far they have generated somewhat less excitement. I suppose it is inevitable really, but it isn’t really in the spirit of the thing somehow. It is reflective of the interest such a scheme generates from coin and currency collectors, which I note the Salt Springs Dollar people have turned to their advantage, producing limited edition silver coins and also signed notes (signed by the artists). If you want a Totnes Pound and can’t get to the town, please buy them through us (see right), as it generates some much needed revenue to keep the scheme going. For your interest, since the notes were launched about 3 weeks ago, over 4,000 have been sold into circulation.

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Keith Obbard
23 Jul 10:04pm

I note that over 4,000 Totnes pounds have been issued into circulation. One question I have never been able to get an answer to; if I earn Totnes pounds, or any other “lets” currency, what does the Chancellor of the Exchequer have to say about the loss of income tax?

23 Jul 10:43pm

Nothing, as yet. We have tried to inquire as to the offical position on this, but with no luck. The ideal would be that any tax is taken in the currency, meaning that it could only be spent on local services and local people. I’d say we’ve a way to go yet before any significant impact is felt on income tax…

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