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25 Jul 2007

Amusing Nonsense on YouTube.

z1Have a look at this piece of homemade video nonsense, it is a very entertaining insight into the minds of some more extreme peak oil deniers. You see, peak oil and climate change are actually a Zionist conspiracy to curtail our freedoms and introduce new taxes. Aha. Now I see. I particularly like the bit that challenges the peak oil argument by saying that there is basically loads of the stuff left, and that “just one reserve in Alaska is large enough to fuel the entire US economy for over 100 years at the present rates of growth”. Excuse me? Come again? And there was me thinking that all of the oil in Alaska would last the US only 3 months… Climate change is all caused by sunspots too apparently. If you are looking for indicators that we are nearing or at the peak, take the rumours, as reported by David Strahan last week, that Shell and BP are considering merging, the fact that even William Rees Mogg is now writing insightfully about it and that a film like this which tries to rubbish it can’t come up with anything better than this!

Categories: Climate Change, Peak Oil

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Josef Davies-Coates
25 Jul 1:21pm


What utter nonsense (must like the Greg Palast stuff I read last night after the heads up from Dentist #1)

The most interesting bit for me is the very beginning where it says “Zionists want to abolish private ownership of land”.

Do they?!? What a fantastic idea!

Bring on Commmunity Land Trusts!

27 Jul 9:29am

those pesky zionists!

29 Jul 2:59am

OK, “just one reserve in Alaska is large enough to fuel the entire US economy for over 100 years at the present rates of growth”… If we take the current rate of consumption of crude oil by the US, and not the growth of consumption, and multiply that by 100 years, we get 7.2 billion barrels/year * 100 years = 720 billion barrels of oil. Iraq is said to have by the most optimistic estimate, some 250 billion barrels of oil. If this statement is true for a single reserve in Alaska, then what in hell are we doing in the Middle East? Why are we propping up the Saudis?

11 Oct 3:03pm

Seems you, or somebody, has embarassed the author into removing it. Shame, I was looking forward to watching it…

8 Dec 4:26pm

Judging by the name of your blog, you are hardly an unbiased arbiter on the subject of peak oil.