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27 Jul 2007

Rummaging About in the Dashboard…

wpOne of the great things about using WordPress to do a blog like **Transition Culture** (one of the many great things – if I can do it, so can anyone) is the Dashboard feature which shows you all the other sites out there in cyberland where people have created links to your site. It allows you to keep abreast of all the scurrilous, amusing or flattering things that are being said about you, and can be very interesting. On a morning where I don’t have anything burningly wonderful to share with you, I thought I’d share the result of my rummages, which offer some interesting links to Transition-related stuff out there on the web.

What follows is a small snapshot of the various links it reveals, here are some of the most recent… Some of the things you might find interesting are a review of ‘Energy Descent Pathways’, a short piece about the first meeting of Transition Town Asheville in the US, a small posting about Transition Newport in Wales, something that picks up on the viral spread of Transition Towns, a Change Management website who got all excited about the Open Space film that was recently posted on YouTube, someone who picked up our posting of Chris Skrebowski’s presentation at Dartington, a very good piece by Kurt Cobb that mentions Kinsale, and lastly, some positive words about the Transition concept from a very good posting at the Oil Drum. Phew! That should keep you busy for a couple of days….

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martin brook
27 Jul 10:31pm

what does WNC mean?

28 Jul 3:06pm

No idea. Where does it say that?

29 Jul 6:02pm

WNC = Western North Carolina, the term for the mountainous Appalachian region of North Carolina, a state in the southeast United States of America.

This was actually not the first meeting of Transition Town Asheville, but rather the 10th or so. We had about ten people come together in early January to react to the Kinsale Energy Descent Plan. We were impressed and intrigued, met more.

We did a panel presentation in the spring with reports on how towns (Sebastapol, CA; Willits, CA; Ithaca, NY; Kinsale/Totnes) were creating community plans for peak oil. About 60 people attended and spirits were high. There is a Climate Convergence in Asheville, NC next week, inspired by the one in Britain.

Isn’t it fun to see these ideas cross the oceans electronically?