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30 Jul 2007

David Holmgren on Peak Oil, Energy Descent and Permaculture.

Regular readers will know that I often state, at every opportunity, that David Holmgren’s book, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability is the greatest book of the past 15 years. The EON Network have just posted an interview with David, recorded a month or so ago, in which he explores the whole concept of permaculture as a response to peak oil. David is, for me, the person from whom I have learnt the most about all of this, so this film is a bit of a treasure, and I think you’ll find it fascinating.

Categories: Peak Oil, Permaculture

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Jay Wood
6 Aug 10:46am

It was interesting to hear David talk about the problem can create the solution. How if we talk doom and gloom we frighten people into not hearing the truth. Thanks Rob for putting this on your site it was great to watch and hear things put in such a clear and warm way

Marcella Andre
17 Nov 8:15pm

The more one hears David’s thoughts, the more pragmatic this becomes. It is a voice not heard in the mass media unless the “product” is already just that as in the Live Earth thing.

I found the “restrictions and sacrifices” recommended at Live Earth really embarassing – for them. “Put on another sweater” rather than leave the thermostat running at a higher temperature. Ummm…wow, not everyone has those choices, by far, the rest of the world is already living that way. So the embarassment is that is an emergency cry beamed to all nations, and in a way one in another nation looks on wondering what took them so long to get it, anyway.

David has an inevitable point.

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