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31 Jul 2007

Off to the Big Green Gathering.

I am off tomorrow to the Big Green Gathering, near Cheddar in Somerset, so tomorrow morning’s post will be the last until Monday. Thankfully the weather forecast looks good and like it won’t be the Big Brown Gathering which a week or so ago it looked like it might be. The BGG is rather wonderful, and is Europe’s biggest Green event, 5 days of talks, music, workshops, films, food, and all sorts of wonderful things, all powered by renewable energy. If you are going and are interested in such things, I am giving two talks in the Permaculture area, one on Friday at 4pm, and one on Sunday at 12.15pm. See you there!

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31 Jul 3:42pm

Make sure you have a pint in the Last Chance Saloon!

9 Aug 12:22am

Hi Rob,

I was wondering whether you managed to see a group called Tymon Dogg & The Quikening at the Big Green Gathering festival on August 2nd or 3rd. I run a Tymon Dogg website at and was hoping you might be able to share a memory of catching the band’s performance if you did happen to. Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. – Tymon usually plays violin or sometimes a triangle harp on stage.


9 Aug 6:46am

Sorry, can’t help there! I only got to see a few bands, between giving talks and looking after the kids I only saw four of five bands. Highlights for me were The Egg who were brilliant, a Bristol band calle Bizali, who I loved, Sieze the Day who made me cry, Gadjo and the Three Daft Monkeys. I’m sure Tymon was wonderful though!