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8 Aug 2007

Transition Town Totnes Explored on BBC Radio Scotland.

scOn Monday morning, one of the best pieces of radio journalism about Transition Initiatives, and about Totnes in particular, was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland’s **The Investigation** programme. The reporter, Mark Stephen, had travelled to Totnes a couple of months ago, and done a wide range of interviews, which are woven into the piece. You can read his report here and you can listen to the piece by clicking the ‘Listen to this Programme’ icon on the top right hand side. You can also hear the piece and the subsequent phone-in together by clicking here. The phone-in gives a real sense of how the Transition concept is taking off, people from all over Scotland ringing in to say what a wonderful idea. If you are feeling despondent and cynical today, and that change isn’t possible because no-one ever wants to change, check out the phone in as well as the main piece.

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