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18 Aug 2007

A Little Holiday Reading.

otBefore I disappear for a week, I thought I would leave you with three of the best articles I have recently read, that might keep you informed and entertained next week. They offer the best updates of the peak oil case I have recently read. One is a piece by Michael Klare, called Entering the Tough Oil Era: The New Energy Pessimism, which sets peak oil in the context of global geopolitics, and the second is Richard Heinberg’s latest Museletter, entitled The View from Oil’s Peak, which updates and sets out the peak oil case compellingly and succinctly. The third is by Gail E. Tverberg, and is the first chapter (you can also read Chapters 2 and 3 of a book she is writing on the subject, which offers a clear and succinct summary of the peak oil argument.