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30 Aug 2007

Duncan Law on Climate Change and Transition Initiatives.

You might be interested to see this great short film, called **Another End of the World is Possible** ( a curious and ultimately illogical statement, surely if there had been an original End of the World there wouldn’t still be a world for Another End to be possible in… if you get my drift…). Anyway, it was made as part of the promotion of the recent Climate Camp, and in it Duncan Law discusses climate change, peak oil and Transition initiatives, in particular the Transition Brixton project he is involved in. It is a rather nicely made and engaging film, and features Duncan sitting in what I assume is his back garden.

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30 Aug 11:04pm

Well done Duncan for releasing the Transition Town question: How are we going to do this? How are we going to feed ourselves? What will this look and smell like? These are the great questions of our time and it’s up to us all to harness our creativity and ingenuity to come up with the answers. Lewes is starting to embark on an energy descent plan. We may have to create a new language, as our current paradigm is inadequate. And what a story!