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31 Aug 2007

Wishing Transition Town Totnes a Happy Birthday.

cakeNext Thursday is the first birthday party of Transition Town Totnes, and we are celebrating the occasion by having a birthday party. As part of this, various people who have spoken for TTT over the last year have been sending in their birthday greetings to be read out on the evening (I’ll post those here after the event). We thought it might be nice to just throw it open to the wider world too, and we’ll put up all the birthday greetings you send in on the wall and read some of them out on the night. So, if you would like to send TTT a birthday greeting, please post it as a comment below. Has the work done here inspired, enthused or uplifted you? Have you been inspired to start your own Transition Initiative? Please do send in your birthday greetings to a community in Transition!

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31 Aug 12:22pm

Happy Birthday TTT, you’ve certainly been an inspiration for me watching from SW Ireland the growth over the past year of what appears to be the fastest growing environmental movement since the 60s. You have caught the imagination and energy of many people looking for a way forward and will be seen in the future looking back as one of the key initiatives in the transition to a low-energy world.
Just remember the future will be one of modest consumption so dont eat too much cake.

Stephen Watson
31 Aug 4:21pm

Here’s my big birthday wishes now that you’re (very soon to be) one year old. I believe that TTs are the single most important thing happening in the UK right now and seeing what’s been happening in Totnes and watch the spread of interest fan out across the UK has been inspirational. As someone – Victor Hugo? – said, “Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come” and the time for TTs is certainly NOW. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you …

pete rout
1 Sep 3:43pm

Many happy returns and more of them. You are so important and I hope that the groups in West Wales can keep up with you. It’s going to be a hard slog as a friend of mine said that this is the 21st century and with all the high technology it shouldn’t be a problem.
Happy birthday.

Peter Lipman
6 Sep 8:26am

Happy birthday – thanks to all of you for all of the wonderful, inspiring leadership you’re modeling so elegantly. You’re helping to make this such an exciting time.

Totnes is an inspiration. It’s long after the fact, but still just in time for the Jewish New Year to wish Totnes a Happy Birthday. May this transition be inscribed in the book of life.

Warm regards,

Debra Solomon