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23 Oct 2007

Transition Initiatives in New Zealand.

Since the visit of Richard Heinberg to New Zealand, the place appears to have gone into a Transition-frenzy. James Samuel ran two workshops on the Transition approach after Heinberg’s talk at the EcoShow in Taupo, which apparently went very well. Also, Jo Duff of the Hawkes Bay Trust recently posted an excellent presentation she gave on the Transition model at an event there, which is a really heartening example of how people are taking the model and just starting to put it out there. The first part is below, the other 3 parts link from this.

In the Transition Network we are presently working on how best to support these nascent initiatives from lil’ole Devon, and given that we don’t fly. We are developing Transition Training materials, a presentation people can be trained to deliver and soon, of course, The Transition Handbook (the name has changed from ‘Small is Inevitable’) which will be out in March ’08. Who needs aeroplanes?!

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23 Oct 5:51pm

Funnily enough I just had a visit to the college this evening by two permaculturalists from NZ, Graham and Val Mosen from Taranaki Environmental Education Centre, who were very interested in the Transition process. Have a look at their website
they have a great education programme.

William Lucas
23 Oct 7:52pm

And in this morning’s paper (Dunedin’s Otago Daily Times) it has just been reported – with pride – that NZ’s South Island has recently reached the 1,000,000 people mark!

Sarah Bogle
27 Oct 10:23pm

As one of the 1m inhabitants of the South Island, the Eco show was just too far away so it is great to hear some news from it via the UK. NZ’s small and still relatively rurally dispersed population, along with the fact that the country is a very long way from anywhere poses some particular transition issues. If anyone in NZ is interested in discussing this I can be contact via my website .

John Marshall
28 Oct 11:19am

Also, in view of this report:
our agricultural practices need to change before we can argue cxonvincingly in some quarters against food miles.

James Samuel
26 Nov 9:01am

And if you thought that things have taken off in Lil’ ole NZ, or are in New Zealand and want to connect with others who are looking at Transition Town initiatives, then check out the new wiki