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22 Nov 2007

Transition Bristol’s Big Event: Latest News…

beTransition Bristol have asked me to post the following which is an update to my recent post about the event. The Big Event takes place this Sunday (25th November 9:30am to 6pm) at the Council House, College Green, Bristol. Speakers include Jeremy Leggett, Richard Heinberg, David Strahan, Chris Johnstone and myself. It is possibly the biggest Peak Oil/Climate Change/Transition event yet to happen in the UK, and will be a day not to be missed. See you there. The update runs as follows;

**Rob Hopkins completes the line-up**

We’re really pleased to announce that Rob Hopkins will be making an appearance on the day – with an update of Transition so far. This last minute addition completes a really amazing programme. A full timetable is now available on the website.

**Ticket pricing**

In response to some feedback we have altered our ticket pricing . Some people felt that while they didn’t qualify for concessions but weren’t able to afford the full price. We are now selling tickets on a sliding scale so you can choose the price you can afford between £8 and £14. If you have already purchased your tickets and want to pay less – or more – please contact us on If you still can’t afford to come – email us and we’ll try and help.

Sorry for the last minute change – we hope this will make the event more accessible to all. The ticket price is to cover the cost of the event and is as cheap as we can manage!

**Please book early**

Its all getting very exciting so make sure you have your ticket, if you can possibly book ahead it will make life so much less stressful for us! You can arrange to pick up tickets on the door if you don’t get them in time. Tickets are available online by credit card or posting a booking form or from shops. See tickets for details

**Filming/recording the event**

We’re desperately seeking someone to film/record the event. If you are able to bring a digital camera/recorder or know people who can please let us know asap.

**Pre-event TV interviews wanted**

We’ve been approached by a TV crew from Barcelona who want to come and film the day. They’d like to meet and interview grass roots projects before the day so they can show Barcelona how its done. If you’d like to put yourself forward for this please let us know asap. It will be in English unless your Catalan is really good!

**Bristol Transition Villages**

Let us know if you want to display your leaflets on the Transition Stall so we can work out how much space we need.

**Chilled after party at the Folkhouse**

Tickets for the evening after-party at the Folkhouse will be available at the Big Event £5/£3. A chilled line up includes Slow, The Dearlings, Eirlys Rhiannon and Susannah Waters (Ted). The cafe will be serving lovely hot and cold meals and snacks.