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14 Feb 2008

Transition Town Totnes Piece on The One Show Rescheduled.


The piece I mentioned before that was going to appear on BBC1’s The One Show about Transition Town Totnes, has, according to the show’s website been rescheduled for tonight. People who tuned in last time talked of a feature about swans that just went on too long, and something about Lenny Henry, which meant that they ran out of time for the Totnes piece, so fingers crossed that tonight is the night. If you miss it, you will be able to watch it for the next 7 days on the BBC I-Player.

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15 Feb 12:55pm

Interesting – two colleagues came into work talking about this. Neither would probably have watched a programme on peak oil, climate change or TT, but because was mainstream, it sunk in.

They had even registered that Kinsale was involved in TT!

Both thought it was a brilliant idea and now have a link to this blog.