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18 Feb 2008

Leadership in Transition.

emb**Learning, connecting, leading – a two-day Transition Training event­, exploring leadership within a Transition perspective.**

(*From publicity by the course organisers*). We felt that with so many communities embarking on the transition journey, now was the time to launch a training event that targets individuals who are stepping into leadership roles within transition initiatives throughout the network. The first instance of this course will be 20/22-June-2008.

**Description and location**

This course will provide a facilitated space for you to deepen your learning of how best to build momentum and achieve the two key goals of transition – dramatically lower carbon emissions and significantly higher levels of community resilience. You’ll be sharing lessons and insights with your fellow travellers, learning from the collective wealth of experience in the group how not only to develop your own skills of leadership but also to nurture those same aptitudes in individuals within your own transition team back home.

We’ve selected Embercombe in Devon as the venue because it’s an ideal location for connecting with the land, for slowing down, taking stock, building new relationships, celebrating, and for readying ourselves for the onward journey.

The two days will provide a chance to act, as well as to be still. It will be a gently guided and facilitated experience where conversations will ebb and flow and where the process will be one of emergence. There will be opportunities to work in the market garden, to help out with building projects, prepare food, sit around campfires, tell stories, learn bush-crafts and green woodworking, and draw inspiration from each other.

**Who it’s for**

Who it’s for: those who have been active in their own community’s transition initiative who recognise, or who are curious about the informal or formal leadership role that they and others might play at the local level. It is also for those that want to exchange ideas about community, change, and transformation from a systemic perspective.

We’re expecting, as with all trainings, that insights will emerge during the event that help shape the way the transition network develops in the widest sense.

Who it’s NOT for: The event is not designed for those who are new to Transition Town activity, or who are looking to start a Transition Town initiative. The training most suitable for this purpose is the Training for Transition.

The cost of the course is being finalised – check back soon.

**Find out more**

If you want to find out more about this training, please email Mike Jones of Transition Stroud ( who came up with idea originally, is currently working on the course content and is also the initial point of contact for this course. If Mike can’t answer your questions about this course, no one can – so think up some tough ones for him.

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1 Comment

Simon Lee
22 Feb 10:02am

Congratulations to Mike on the concept of this course.

I attended a talk from a transition town leading light recently and he had very strange (to me) negative views on leadership. It’s good to see that not all in the network share his views.

Good leadership is essential. Leadership is not about management, it’s about vision, inspiration and focus. The transition town movement must succeed – and with good leaders that success will come all the quicker. Good luck Mike!