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15 Feb 2008

The One Show, Totnes Pounds and Westlife!


Last night’s **The One Show** on BBC One included a great piece about Transition Town Totnes, which you can watch online for the next 6 days which concluded with the surreal site of Westlife passing Totnes Pounds around and chatting about them! Its not everyday that one sees that kind of thing… . The piece itself crammed a lot into a short time, giving a concise overview of what TTT is all about, and how it is working. I just spent half an hour trying to do screen grabs of images from the piece, but the programme I have they just all go black. Anyone able to do screen grabs for us of Westlife with Totnes Pounds?! (**Update** Thanks to Mark Donaldson who just sent in the pic below..)


The piece was presented by Lucy Siegle who also writes for the Observer, and featured her walking around the town buying and spending Totnes Pounds (on a pair of organic socks!). They also visited the launch of our education group, and interviewed various people there. She interviewed me, balanced precariously on top of the wall at the back of the churchyard, and we talked about what life in Totnes might be like after the transition.

My favourite bit was the interview with David Heath, the son of George Heath who, until 1980, had a market garden in the centre of the town. The producers did a lovely blend of the old picture of George Heath in his garden with the current day car park, which worked really well. David painted a picture of what used to be there, and how it all linked in to the shop on the High Street. The piece was surprisingly unjokey, taking the project seriously and treating it respectfully. I got the sense that Lucy Siegle was really impressed, and her delight with it all really came across well in the piece.

Last night, while out on my Valentines date, (went to see ‘Lust, Caution’ at the cinema if you are interested) my phone started hopping with texts from people raving about it. Not having a telly it wasn’t until this morning that I actually got to see it. Having pieces done for the TV is always scary, as sometimes they turn out nothing like what you have hoped, but this one was great.

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15 Feb 5:08pm

I had that same screen shot problem a while back, i think there may be some protection within the online applications for ‘grapping’ the material…

However, you could use a digital camera to photograph your computer screen – not the best answer but it does work a bit!

15 Feb 9:09pm

Phooey! It’s only available for viewing within the UK. 🙁
Congrats anyway! ~Judith

pete rout
16 Feb 6:58pm

the piece was good, but the comments after seemed a bit dismissive,as if this was alright for people to go and play with. They didn’t seem to think it was a serious matter.

Graham Burnett
16 Feb 10:29pm

Well the program is hardly Newsnight! What is important is that the TT movement got some mainstream TV coverage rather than being tucked away on the usual graveyard spot where ‘we’ usually get to inhabit… Permaculture being mentioned on the same show as Westlife has got to be a positive!! Esp with the Monty Don show only a week or so earlier…

26 Feb 12:24am

If you go to your graphics settings,and turn acceleration OFF they work.

Display properties
—-Turn slider right to none

Press your ‘print screen’ button and paste it in mspaint.


26 Feb 12:25am

Blody hell UK viewing only! Can some one PLEASE rip the audio atleast?
Time to hack perhaps

Richard Spencer
15 Jul 6:32pm

Why has nobody mentioned how hot Lucy Siegle is? She’s Gorgeous!!