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27 Feb 2008

A New Look for Transition Culture.

TCBy now you may have noticed that Transition Culture looks somewhat different. I thought that, to co-incide with the arrival of The Transition Handbook it was time to give the site a makeover, given that it has looked exactly the same since it began in November 2005. The redesign was done by Simon of Lumpy Lemon in Oxford, and I rather like it… . It tidies up the links down the right hand side that had become very long and sprawly, and is hopefully a joy for you to use. What do you think? Do let us know your thoughts on our new look.

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27 Feb 1:09pm

Look good Rob. It would be nice to have back the date and time stamps on the threads. It is useful to see when a comment was posted.

27 Feb 4:08pm

Whoops. Meant to say “looks good”.

28 Feb 5:10pm

Good point Adam, I’ve now added the date and time under the comment author’s name on the left.

Ron Demers
29 Feb 12:03am

I dont like the website design. Its my first time on the site, it`s too white. Suggestion: Make it more earthy, it currently feels like a cheap newspaper.

29 Feb 10:08am

Not sure if I’ve missed it mentioned somewhere, but the illustration is fantastic. Does a great job of telling the transition story. Actually reminds me of the ‘Curse of the Warerabbit’ village Wallace and Gromit reside in which I remember being discussed here previously. Not sure where it is but I want to live there. 🙂

29 Feb 6:37pm

Simon I think the design is an improvement and I really like the clean and simple look. Could the web address of the commenters be made public if given, that could be useful.

James Samuel
29 Feb 6:42pm

Hi Rob and Simon,

I dont have a super wide screen and when I have my browser window reduced a little from full zoom, I end up having to scroll left and right – hmmm not so good for users of old technology, who are holding back on upgrading to the latest, and wondering where the one they have will go 🙂

I also miss the colour from the old site.

Nadia Hillman
1 Mar 10:33am

I agree with Davie in that comment-maker’s website’s should be made public.

1 Mar 8:46pm

Sorry, there was an error in the code which meant that commenters’ websites were not showing, all should be working fine again now.