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28 Feb 2008

Transition Handbook Is Now Available!

The Transition HandbookIt’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here, and you can now buy the first copies here at Transition Culture. Tonight sees the pre-launch celebration of the book at the Civic Hall in Totnes, with the official launch the following week in Bristol. However, we have copies and they are available for mail order as of today. Just follow the ‘Buy Now’ button to your right and away you go. I think if you like this site, you are going to love the book.

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Klaus Harvey
28 Feb 11:42am

If we order it here, can we get an autographed copy?

Tim Palmer
28 Feb 8:32pm

I’m sure the book will be a great read and a great success. I’m looking forward to reading it and (if you don’t mind) passing it to other like minded individuals in Canterbury. All the best.

Andrew Lucas
29 Feb 5:12am

Congratulations Rob. Can’t wait to get my copy down under. It’s been such a pleasure to be inspired by you, Ben and everyone else involved in Transition Initiatives over there. Even noticed a Transition Kinsale picture on a ppt slide sneaking into David Holmgren’s recent presentations. Hope you sell a zillion of them mate.

29 Feb 9:52am

Just received my copy here in Australia – looks great, packed full of info. Can’t wait to grab a cuppa and have a good look through.

Thanks Rob and congratulations.


Graham Burnett
29 Feb 4:41pm

Just got a copy from the publishers which I’ll be reviewing for Growing Green magazine – looks fantastic, at last a permaculture ‘peoplecare’ and ‘fairshares’ manual to complement patrick Whitefiled’s ‘Earthcare manual!!@ at least thats my first impression… Especially loved the HELLO! spoof about Posh and Beck’s and ‘Celebrity Love Allotment’. Pimp My Patio indeed!!

29 Feb 6:30pm

Absolutely brilliant Rob, I had a look at Graham’s copy and I am blown away – it is so useful. Well done.

29 Feb 6:34pm

Well done Rob, can’t wait to get my hands on it! I’ll be sure to give it pride of place in the shop window 🙂

1 Mar 1:31pm

Hi Rob

We met very briefly at Be the Change in London last year; Ben came by on his rapid Scottish visit later and helped sow more transition seeds, and Eva’s powering away on the Scottish gathering at the Big Tent festival this July.

Great to have this book – brilliant! I’ve just put a review on a wee blog I’ve been developing for a few months on resilience …

hope to connect again at some point…

Nick Wilding
(PS I’ve just joined Carnegie UK Trust as a Facilitator for UK/Ireland-wide rural innovation for resilience…)

1 Mar 2:29pm

Well done Rob its a fantastic achievement. Ive just put a review of it on scarcely does justice to it. I really like Graham Burnett’s comment that it is a “People care/Fair Shares” Manual.

pete rout
1 Mar 3:09pm

I hope you are bringing some copies with you to Fishguard next wednesday. All welcome to the school at Fishguard next wednesday 5th march 7pm.

Josef Davies-Coates
4 Mar 3:09am

I have ordered 50 copies from Green Books (already have an account with them) and look forward to spreading this book far and wide 🙂

The book were due to arrive on the 28th but been having courier problems. Fingers crossed they’ll arrive tomorrow… (can’t wait! 🙂 )