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17 Mar 2008

Health and Sustainability: exploring the future of healthcare in the face of climate change and energy vulnerability – a webcast

You are invited to participate in an interactive webinar (sorry, what a horrible word!) on Health and Sustainability: exploring the future of healthcare in the face of climate change and energy vulnerability. Speakers will talk about the challenges climate change and peak oil present for the future maintenance of health and the provision of healthcare, and consider what action can be taken at a national and local level. The webcast will take place on: Wednesday 19th March 2pm – 3.30pm (British Time).Contributors
Dr Robin Stott – a former consultant general physician and hospital Medical Director who has studied both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine and worked with traditional healers in Zimbabwe. Currently Chairman of the UK Medical Peace and Environment Group (Medact) and writer on issues regarding health and sustainability.

Dr Lindley Owen – Consultant in Public Health, Cornwall & Scilly, with responsibility for sustainability, obesity, PA, nutrition, health promotion, accidents & disability. Involved with transition movement in Cornwall, especially via encouraging new Transition Towns, and developing carbon reduction strategies across partnerships.

Dr Andy Nichols – a Lecturer at the Faculty of Health and Social Work, University of Plymouth who continues to work with and retain links with the Health Protection Agency locally.

Rob Hopkins – Founder of the Transition Town Totnes initiative, director of the Transition Network, publisher of and author of ‘The Transition Handbook’, Rob writes and lectures widely on community responses to peak oil and climate change.

Prof Janet Richardson – Professor of Health Service Research in the Faculty of Health and Social Work and Fellow of the Centre for Sustainable Futures, University of Plymouth.

To participate you will go to where the event will be listed. There will be an ’orange box’ to click on giving you the link (this will only be active on the day of the event). When asked for username please type your firstname lastname as one word (eg johnsmith). (Please do use that format and your own name so that we can know who participated). No password will be required, simply click on the ‘guest’ box.

You will need an Internet connected computer capable of playing sound. Please check this in advance – you may need headphones if your computer does not have speakers.

Your participation will be by typing, i.e. you do not need a microphone. We suggest that you join others in the ‘chat room’ between 1.45pm and 2pm in anticipation of a 2pm start. This will give you a chance to ensure that you are properly connected and have some familiarity with the interface.

If you are joining us for outside the UK you can check your time difference at:

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17 Mar 2:52pm

This sounds interesting and I plan to beam in from California — at 6:45am. When I clicked on the “webcasts” url given, I was asked for a login name and password before I could view the page. I am assuming that this won’t be the case on Wednesday. Thanks for the heads up.

James Samuel
17 Mar 6:08pm

Thanks for this Rob,

I plan to check in on this from NZ.

A note about the link to the site. Users may need to copy the url, rather than click on the link which reads as the link has a longer address embedded in it which takes you to a password dialogue with no guest option.

18 Mar 12:00am

Muchos gracias, James Samuel — it works! ~Judith