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17 Mar 2008

Energy Descent Pathways Now Available as Free Download

Click to view large version‘Energy Descent Pathways: evaluating potential responses to peak oil’ was the dissertation I wrote a while ago at the University of Plymouth.  It explores the literature around the peak oil issue, around relocalisation, addiction and suggests some approaches for a community initiated response.  Until now it had been for sale via. Transition Culture, but now, as The Transition Handbook is now published which, in many ways, elaborates on and deepens the material in the book, I am making Energy Descent Pathways available as a free download.  Just click here and you’ll be able to download it.  Enjoy it!

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Rick Klein
17 Mar 4:33pm

I am attending a presentation of the Transition Town initiative by Barbara Tam in Middlebury, Vermont and am intersted in reading the Energy Descent Pathways. I could not however figure out how to download this document. Could you illuminate me as to how to download it from you8r website or send the pdf if that is what needs to happen.


Rick Klein

17 Mar 8:47pm

The link above works for me, but failing that, try
All the best

Josef Davies-Coates
18 Mar 4:49pm

Thanks Rob!

I remember you mentioning that you’d make this freely available once the Transition Handbook was out and I was meaning to give you a friendly reminder but now no need 😛

BTW, I’ve personally sold 6 copies of The Transition Handbook in the last week (without trying at all) and expect to sell many more! (just sending an e-mail out now) 🙂