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24 Mar 2008

Rowan’s Findhorn Blog Day 3

rLast night was so sound, first there was dancing till about 10 and then I went to the hot tub for two and a bit hours, LUSH! By the way the hot tub is outdoors so it was pretty sweet, your body is boiling and you head is in the falling snow…. So cool.

Today started with an extremely appetising bowl of apple and cornflakes, hmmm.
We then set of to our first of three sessions with Joanna Macy, who we are staying with in the guest lodge (here is a picture of me with her and Fran, her husband). Here are the three sessions:

1. The first was about the grief and acknowledging the pain and suffering in the world.
TEA BREAK. We them talked about what our tears are for, we then washed our hands and face in water that we then returned to the earth (poured it in a pond).

2. In this session we talked the system theory which if you are not aware of its meaning it’s a new approach to science.
We then did an exercise where we talked to our ancestors through each other, this was my least enjoyed piece but at the same time I can see how it may be handy ‘n’ stuff. We finished of the evening with more curry and some rubber like rice, tasty. We also had the most amazing cake it was a deep chocolaty cake with rum cream around the outside, whoop whoop

Next instalment tomorrow
thx for the comments…

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1 Comment

Tom Atkins
24 Mar 9:31pm

Hi Rowan – great to see you infiltrating Transition Culture 😉 I only have one question – did the hot tub require nudity or was it optional? Enjoy the rest of your stay at Findhorn!


(OK – I have another question – what do you think of the ‘living machine’?)