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22 Apr 2008

Transition Ambridge Continues…

aIn last night’s Archers, Pat Archer took another step towards setting up Transition Ambridge, as she prepared for a fact-finding trip to Stroud.  The reference at the beginning to ‘King Cups’ is, I think, the name of one of their fields.  Anyway, in this episode, she is talking to her husband Tony, about how her Transition research is going, and about her trip. 

Pat. Do you want a hand with the milking Tony?

Tony. No, no. It’s useful having two of us coming down from King Cups (?), but I’m alright now….

Pat. OK, then I might sneak another look at the Net.

Tony. Oh yeah?  Getting ready for your trip to Stroud?

Pat. Well, if I’m spending an afternoon discussing Transition networks,  I ought to have some idea of what I’m talking about!

Tony.  You seem pretty clued up to me Pat…

Pat. I’ve only scratched the surface.  It’s fascinating though, I mean, when you look at what Totnes is doing…

Tony. Yes… I was more surprised by what they’re doing in Nottingham…

Pat. Oh yes… its not just little country towns…

Tony. It’ll be interesting to see it in action…

Pat. You don’t mind me taking a day off?

Tony. No, not at all, I’m all for it.  The more we know the sooner we can get things moving in Ambridge.

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Stephen Watson
22 Apr 7:54am

On yer bike Pat!

Darren Woodiwiss
22 Apr 12:14pm

So, will the Transition Network be needed to give them approval to become an official initiative then?

Will they be listed in the list of Mullers and move to the official list eventually, even if they are only a virtual town :o)

They could have Rob around to do an awareness event…

Stephen Watson
22 Apr 1:53pm

Excellent LOL – maybe Rob or Ben could get on the program to give a presentation in Ambridge village hall. And I’m only half joking!

Nadia Hillman
22 Apr 6:38pm

Just brilliant! How exciting!

Mark Forskitt
23 Apr 5:48am

Anyone got any views on Pats opposition to the Archer clans bio-digester?

Margaret Long
24 Apr 7:41pm

Perhaps they might even go on holiday to Kinsale, Co. Cork Ireland, the ORIGINAL Transition Town where it all started!

24 Apr 8:32pm

Indeed! They could pop into Roots Records and then zip up to the College and have a look at the amphitheatre and then graze in the polytunnel… probably a trip to Kinsale would mean she would be away from the milking for too long though, and Tony would be none too pleased! She’ll just have to take our word for how beautiful the town is this time of year…

27 Apr 10:20am

So what is happening in Nottingham?

Young Michael

Darren Woodiwiss
29 Apr 1:44pm

I was being half serious, it is all well and good it being on radio 4 but what if it seriously mis-represents what the initiative is all about?

Have the producers spoken to TTT HQ?