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13 Jun 2008

Competition Winners Announced!

The winners of the ‘Using Natural Finishes’ competition are Angie C, Tom Atkins, Vivian Hayes, Nick Lishman and Alistair Farrell. They answered correctly that ‘pargeting’ is “the formation of three-dimensional raised designs on external walls, traditionally created by forming relief work in the lime render finish”. Disappointingly no-one got it wrong. Wikipedia expands;

Pargeting derives from the word ‘parget’, a Middle English term that is probably derived from the Old French ‘pargeter’ / ‘parjeter’, to throw about, or ‘porgeter’, to roughcast a wall. However, the term is more usually applied only to the decoration in relief of the plastering between the studwork on the outside of half-timber houses, or sometimes covering the whole wall. The devices were stamped on the wet plaster. This seems generally to have been done by sticking a number of pins in a board in certain lines or curves, and then pressing on the wet plaster in various directions, so as to form geometrical figures. Sometimes these devices are in relief, and in the time of Elizabeth I of England represent figures, birds and foliages.

So there you have it. Well done all, and thanks to all who entered.

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Darren Woodiwiss
17 Jun 10:30am

Well done the winners, I think no one got it wrong as no one had any idea nad we all had to look it up… well, I did anyway :o)

Steve Atkins
17 Jun 12:00pm

Did you get my first name wrong? ; )

19 Jun 7:59pm

Thank you! The book arrived today and it’s inspirational. However my 15 y.o. daughter has just announced we’re selling this house & building one from cob… as her twin brother wants to do strawbale we may have some negotiating to do!