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18 Jun 2008

Some More Reviews of the Transition Handbook

The Transition HandbookFrom Friends of the Earth’s Earthmatters Magazine.

“The Transition Handbook is skillfully structured to help you and your neighbours move from oil dependency to local resilience.  Its author, Rob Hopkins, argues that making changes to your lifestyle makes you feel more in control, ready to cope rather than collapse with post petroleum stress disorder.  He should know: Hopkins is not just a brilliant communicator, he is the founder of the Transition Town movement – a grassroots burst of empowerment that provides solutions to the twin changes peak oil and climate change must bring.  If Hopkins is right about the viral spread of the Transition concept, then he has to be a runaway contender for a Nobel Prize.  Until then the Transition Town story is powering up The Archers plot on Radio 4″.  Reviewed by Melissa Garcia (from ‘The Spark’ magazine)

“With Transition Towns cropping up across the South West in Bristol, Bath, Forest of Dean, Stroud (to name just a few) a comprehensive guide to what they are, and why we need the couldn’t be more timely.  Don’t panic if terms like peak oil and transition towns stumpted because Rob Hopkins starts from the beginning.  Accompanied by quotes and graphs, a straightforward case is made for the argument that the age of cheap oil is on its way out, and as an oil dependent society huge adjustments will have to be made to prevent collapse.  The facts prevented are stark but Rob’s positive approach and belief that humanity can make powerful changes stops this from being a depressing read.  Throughout the book tools and exercises useful for anyone who wants to run a course or work with groups to take action.  A chapter is dedicated to “How To Start a Transition Initiative”, and brilliantly challenges all the ‘buts’, like “But Surely It’s Too Late To Do Anything” that stop us from acting.  If you still need inspiration, have a look at the sections on Totnes and Kinsale, Ireland, and see how other communities have started bringing about change”.

There is also one in New Internationalist Magazine, and in Carbusters Magazine.  The Transition Handbook, published in early March ’08, is already into its third printing, with over 11,000 copies sold.

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John Marshall
18 Jun 8:21pm

The book also gets quite a good plug at the end of:

19 Jun 12:36am

Heady stuff! Very cool. 🙂

Josef Davies-Coates
24 Jun 10:39pm

I’ve sold 50 of them 🙂

I’m a bit confused by the above post though – is it one review or two?

If two, who is the second one by?

If one, why is the author mentioned in the middle?

Also is it from Friends of the Earth Earthmatters Magazine or The Spark? Or someone who normally writes for The Spark writing in Earthmatters?

None of this really matters of course but my need to know gene forces me to ask 🙂

For my own page about Transition Handbook see 🙂