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4 Jul 2008

Something for the Weekend

In case you missed it after I was so effusive about it the other day, someone who goes by the improbably moniker of “alfski” has just posted the section of Monty Don’s ‘Around the World in 80 Gardens’ where he visits the organoponicos of Cuba. It is quite wonderful and Monty really comes across here like a wide-eyed child in the best sweetshop he’s ever seen. Should help get you in the mood for the weekend…

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5 Jul 8:59am

How inspiring. Thanks Rob.
I went to a very depressing meeting last evening where we were told about the problems we face with climate change. At the end I managed to gain a few names for our Transition group as we had recognised the need for education. One man said, he was with the National Trust and they get the most (massive) coverage when they talk about gardens. It seems like the way to go.

nicola dobiecka
5 Jul 1:10pm

This is fantastic, really inspiring and even made me feel happy sitting in bed with sinusitis whilst the weather is perfect for gardening…


5 Jul 7:06pm

Sorry if I’m slow off the mark, but here’s our theme tune; maybe

Dance now

6 Jul 5:40pm

This did put me in a great mood. From what I’ve read, sounds similar to what the US did during WWII, and what they are doing right now in San Francisco, I think at the Justice Center.

organic apparel

9 Jul 2:41pm

Interestingly Alfski has also posted a bit of Joanna Macy talking about the Great Turning – also v. important viewing. Wonder if he’s ever been to Transition Culture…