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8 Sep 2008

A Busy Couple of Days…

This morning is a bit of a non-post really, just a collection of odds and sods.  First is the reminder that the first Transition Chat takes place today at 2pm, focused on the Structure document, to find out more click here.  The latest Transition Network newsletter is just out, if you are not subscribed to recieve it, click here.  We have a great event in Totnes tonight, focusing on Transition Tales… with storyteller Ashley Ramsden and the first opportunity to see the latest Transition Tales film.  Tomorrow I am in Lewes for the launch of the Lewes Pound (very exciting) and then in Bristol on the 10th for the Strategy Document day, 11-4 at the Full Moon.  Hope to see you at one of those.  You might like to have a look at interesting Transition-related stuff here and here, and a rather nice review of the Transition Handbook here.  Am rather enjoying John Michael Greer’s ‘The Long Descent’ at the moment, which is far more insightful and fascinating than I initially thought it would be.  Review to follow.  This was written to the sweet and melodious sound of solar panel installers crawling about on my roof.  Again, I’ll tell you more soon.

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Tracey Smith
8 Sep 3:17pm

Thank you Rob!


Patrick Troup
11 Sep 4:01am

Hey Rob, how’s it going. We want to start a transition town out here in California. I know this might not be the place to ask this question, but I thought it is important.

I was wondering if I could find the general structure of a Transition Town.

Ours is raising awareness and education
finding out what is already existing in the town
and taking action to link up peoples projects which aready exist and link up peoples visions to create them to be reality.

It would be great to find out a bit more about the structure if you all have this typed out anywhere else. It would greatly help us sustain and grow our project.

All the best

George Lisi
30 Sep 5:18pm

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the mention of my review of The Transition Handbook! I am glad that you liked it. Vermont Transition stirrings are starting to have some vigor and some heft to them. Your book, and the networking we have been doing with TT folks here and in the UK, are proving tremendously helpful, empirically, and in the palpable camaraderie of communities cheerfully taking responsibility for their own lives.
George Lisi
Montpelier,Vermont Transition Team

Graham Burnett
1 Oct 12:09am

Hi to patrick, I was in california a few weeks ago and did a couple of talks about TT including at LA Ecovillage, there were a few people I met who were keen to spread the TT idea, in particular William Faith of Ars Terra in Palmdale, contact him via
hope this helps, Graham