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23 Sep 2008

Meanwhile, Down in the Bunker…

Albert Bates pointed this out to me, and here in Transition Towers it has had us all giggling most of the afternoon…. very good… .  It tends to start automatically though, so here is the direct link to it, rather than you getting fed up with Teutonic rantings every time you open Transition Culture…

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Stephen Watson
24 Sep 9:51am

Ironic of course that it’s set in Germany; Berlin in fact. I’ve just returned from my first visit and they have segregated recycling on the trains, wind turbines all over the place and in Berlin a superb public transportation system and my friend’s house had both metered cold and hot (from the local CHP plant) water!

I’m not sure about Nashville though …

Graham Burnett
24 Sep 11:04am

Hi Rob, anyway the autoplaying of this movie can be disabled, it still comes on even though its no longer the top post, cheers

25 Sep 1:07am

Hilarious, how appropriate for our time.

I haven’t laughed this hard in many moons!