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26 Sep 2008

Transition Initiatives Continue to Set New Zealand Ablaze

Below is a rather wonderful short animated YouTube slideshow thingy which gives a flavour of the energy that is gathering in New Zealand around Transition Initiatives. A very inspiring and heartening way to pass 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

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Paula Kovacs (Crediton)
27 Sep 7:24am

What a moving little film. Very heart centred. Was so impressed that the last image was of UK transition movement map as if in recognition of Rob’s and Totnes’ contribution.

Aria Seidl
30 Sep 8:15pm

This beautiful slide presentation brought tears of gratitude and hope to my eyes. I was living on Waiheke Island last year when it became the first designated Transition Town in New Zealand. It was wonderful to see the Transition Town model be embraced by the small vibrant community there . . . and now, only a year later, to see how this exercise in sustainability has spread and taken root through out the whole of New Zealand, it is truly awe inspiring. We all can do this! Thank you New Zealand!