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26 Sep 2008

Transition Tales 2008 Films Now Online: glimpses from a powered-down 2030

During April and May, the Transition Tales team from Transition Town Totnes worked with all the Year 7 students at King Edward VI Community College in Totnes.  The workshops comprised 3 sessions, the first about peak oil, climate change, and how oil dependent their lives are, the second was about story-telling and role play, and in the third, the students became the newsreaders on Totnes TV in 2030, broadcasting to a successfully powered-down Totnes.  The actual process has already been documented here at Transition Culture, but we are delighted to finally be able to show you the final films.

They were premiered on Thursday night at a big event at the school, attended by students, teachers, parents and governors, and are no doubt currently being pasted onto Bebo sites across South Devon. This first film is a compilation of some of the best bits (the first bit gets climate change a bit confused though!)

There are some great outtakes….

All the rest of the films, class by class can be found on the project’s own YouTube page.  Our thanks also to the Environmental Funding Network for their support of Transition Tales.  Last year’s Transition Tales film can be seen below…

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1 Comment

Tamzin Pinkerton
1 Oct 8:33pm

Great stuff! Wonderful to see it all come together.

I paricularly like the ‘cake and stuff’, and dear old farmer Tommy!

Yes, do keep rocking Totnes.