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7 Oct 2008

Your Projects Needed for the “Transition Guide to Food”

The provisional draft design for the book cover...

The provisional draft design for the book cover...

We are currently drawing together information on food projects across the network for our upcoming ‘Transition Guide to Food’, to be published next year. A questionnaire has already been sent out to official Transition initiatives but we are keen to hear from anyone across the network that has stories to tell about community food projects they’ve been involved in in their area. We’d like to hear
about projects that are already up and running and that can be of inspiration and/or learning to others – and by learning we mean to include problems as well as triumphs, as it’s all part of the grand
food growing experience!

Ideally it would be great if we could have your responses in questionnaire format but if your time is very limited then we can discuss your project over the phone. Please contact Tamzin Pinkerton to get an questionnaire emailed to you ( or call her on 01932 702515 if you have any queries. Responses to be in by October 17th at the very latest.  Thank you so much…  The book will be published by Green Books and will be out mid ’09.

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7 Oct 5:23pm

Nice cover. The only thing that jumps out at me is the bare soil and digger, somewhat antithetical to the permaculture techniques out of which Transition (in part) emerged. Hmmmm…. Anyway, it looks like a great book is in the works and I’m excited for it!

9 Oct 9:40am

Great project, and very important. Be interested to get some mention of Aquaponics in there – it has real potential to deliver a good, varied diet to local communities in a sustainable way. There is a great online “community” of aquaponicists building across Australia and the United States, but it’d be great to stir up some UK interest in this who wouldn’t like to add fresh fish to their diet in the years ahead! For an intro the best site to go to is (not a site of mine btw), or you can drop me a line with any questions.